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Blackberry Liquid Damage Service

Blackberry Phone, that have been exposed to water or any other types of liquid, suffer badly. Water damaged Phone experience damage to their logic board, which is basically the brain of the Phone – it controls all tasks, functions and parts. The battery, camera, LCD screen and dock connector can all be affected, and unfortunately, sometimes this is irreversible. The minerals within the water or liquid potentially cause a short circuit to your liquid damaged blackberry phone, by pushing a higher electrical current through the blackberry phone's tiny chips and circuits. Liquid damage is, without a doubt, a serious problem that needs immediate attention. Well don't worry, Blackberry Service Point is available to solve your liquid damage problem! Believe it or not your Blackberry can be saved from water damage. We carry a 90% success rate at saving water damaged Blackberry Phones.

Blackberry Water damage is the biggest and common problem for Blackberry mobile phone repairs, During our liquid / water damage we will diagnostic service our trained technicians will open up the device, clean all the components affect by the liquid / water damage and fully sterilise the hardware. Once Replaced, we will test your handset and notify you that the repair is complete, Quality is important to us.

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